Tips for Dealing with Complex Single Family Residential Appraisals-Page 6

Suggestions for Moving into Complex Assignments

Here are some steps to take to build competency in complex residential assignments.

  • Build connections with other appraisers. I have a large pool of friends and colleagues I can approach for help. I trade emails with my friends daily and am a participant in two appraiser forums.
  • Join an appraiser organization. I am president of our local appraiser group. We meet monthly for classes and networking. Through the organization, I know more than 100 local appraisers and know who the experts are in my region.
  • Take classes to build your knowledge. I take classes to build my skills and increase the type of work I can complete. Don’t just take the cheapest online courses to fill out your continuing education. I highly recommend taking good quantitative analysis classes like those put on by George Dell. You might see me there. for more information.
  • Find experienced appraisers willing to mentor you. When you get that next complex assignment, see if one of these folks are willing to partner with you. I am very fortunate to have had great mentors over the years.
  • Build a library of good appraisal books. Real Estate Damages by Randall Bell, The Valuation Analyst by David Braun, and Valuation by Comparison by Mark Ratterman are all worth your time.
  • Join your local real estate board. Go to the meetings and tours to build your knowledge. Network with the real estate agents to build trust so when you call, someone answers.
  • When you find an unusual property, make a note of it. That unusual property may be a comparable in your complex assignment in six months.