Why You Should Join an Appraisal Organization article

Are you a member of an appraisal organization? If not, why not?

I wrote an article for Ann O’Rourke’s Appraisal Today newsletter about why you should join an appraisal organization.

Click here to read it.

(current version is an excerpt. full version will be available here in December or sign up for Ann’s newsletter)

I would love your feedback. If you’re not in an appraiser association, what are some reasons why? If you are in an appraisal organization, what are some of the benefits?

2 thoughts on “Why You Should Join an Appraisal Organization article

  1. Bryan Lynch

    Great article Joe! The REAA organization has been a very positive, needed group for the area. I’d encourage any appraiser to get out of the typical routine and get involved by joining a group. Joe described many of the benefits perfectly!


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